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Cuadrilla was granted planning permission by West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to undertake exploration work at the Balcombe site in West Sussex in April 2010. We were also granted the necessary permits required by the Environment Agency at that time which can be viewed on the Documents tab.

The exploration well at Balcombe was drilled to a vertical depth of 2,700ft and horizontally to a length of some 1,714ft, with work commencing in August 2013 and completing in September 2013. No hydraulic fracturing was carried out and Cuadrilla has confirmed that as the target rock – a limestone layer – is naturally fractured, the presence of these natural fractures means that we do not need to and will not be carrying out hydraulic fracturing.

In September 2013 Cuadrilla submitted a planning application to WSCC to undertake a seven day flow test at the site. Planning permission was granted in April 2014.

    • Permits

      Cuadrilla is in receipt of all relevant environmental permits which were required in 2013 to conduct our exploratory drilling operations at Balcombe.

    • Specification Monitoring
    • Final Permit
    • Decision Document
    • Inventory Schedule
    • Cuadrilla was issued a Compliance Assessment Report (CAR) Form in August 2013, in line with EA regulations. The CAR form confirmed that Cuadrilla was in full compliance with all regulations it is subject to. The report is available to view here.

  • As we have no work currently taking place, there is no established Community Liaison Group.